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The Report Artists believes that your information, no matter the source, should be effective and beautifully displayed. Breakthroughs in business intelligence technologies now allow owners and executives to not be confined by software restraints any longer. We believe that the role of our team of consultants and data scientists is to put your most valuable business information at your fingertips.


Although Power BI is “low code,” make no mistake about it. It is code. To truly maximize the capabilities of the product, one must learn the DAX language. Additionally, reports you keep to yourself do not benefit your organization. We help our clients not only develop the most powerful reports possible but also deploy them and manage who has access to them down to the user level. As a Report Artist, we are a true member of your team.


"It feels like having a business consultant and data analysis department for the cost of one employee!"



How are your various business lines performing compared to this date last year? How about the year prior? How many employees received paychecks on your last payroll? How did this compare to last quarter? If these sound like questions you want the answers to at a moment’s notice and not have to export information from three accounting systems to get, we are your answer.


Go from Separated Information Sources to Deep Insights. Our experts will work with you to design, deploy, and manage Power BI governance following best practices. We partner with your organization to develop intelligent, highly interactive reports and dashboards. We enable you to have a single view of your most critical business information, even if it resides in separate accounting systems or spreadsheets.

Filter, interpret, modify, and analyze your most critical business metrics at the push of a button. Monitor key performance indicators from across one or multiple organizations on a single dashboard. Stop wasting valuable time exporting to Excel!


The Report Artists will build out your reports and securities within your Microsoft 365 environment for you. No need to transfer the data outside your organization. With a highly experienced partner like The Report Artists on your team, you and your employees can get the most out of this amazing tool.

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